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Real Basic Cooking Skills

1 Nov 2017 2:25 PM Real Basic Cooking Skills

Here you will find real basic cooking skills and ideas - how to cook pasta, how to boils and egg, what to do with a BBQ Chicken - how to for the real world!



I grew up in the country and was exposed at an early age to some wonderful cooking by my mum and the women in my family and circle of friends. The food was simple, wholesome and delicious, I remember dishes that were mainly meat and vegetables with dessert most nights.


I never cooked much when I was young at home however when I moved out I tried different recipes including some of mum’s that I liked and put together my own recipe books, it came easy to me and I learnt by trial and error. I never had “cooking lessons”, I absorbed a lot through just looking and listening when I was younger.


Over the years I have been told that I should “open my own restaurant” and found that I enjoyed working in roles that had me in the kitchen working with chefs to develop menus for events and functions. I played with the idea of becoming a chef when I was around 40 years old however with 2 young kids the logistics of training and hours involved put it out of reach at the time.


Since then I started The Chocolate Mixing Bowl aimed at teaching kids basic skills in cooking via their birthday parties – in other words cooking their own party food. Although I had to put a put a hold on that idea at the time I later moved on to manage my own restaurant, become a chocolatier and write a book on opening your own café or restaurant.


I’ve reached a point where I want to go back to my original idea to educate kids and young adults how to do the basics in the kitchen. With the advent of cable TV, internet and digital devices comes reality TV shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules fostering the passion of many home cooks. However we have to remember that there is a huge majority of kids leaving school, university students and even single parents that don’t enjoy cooking, it’s not their passion and wouldn’t do it if they didn’t have to.


There is an enormous amount of information on the internet about “how to cook” and “the basics of cooking” however when I look at these sights I find that they all require a basic knowledge and many people don’t have that real basic knowledge like how to cook pasta, how to boil and egg and lack the ideas of how to put a basic meal together. They don’t need fancy recipes just what to do with a BBQ chicken.


I will be blogging here regularly with tips and hits on the real basics of cooking and making videos to put up on my YouTube channel. Check out my Facebook and Instagram for details.


Written by:  Jodie Terzis