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29 Apr 2015 5:23 PMJodie Terzis

The start of my journey to feed our kids

When my son was 9 years old (now nearly 18yrs) I broke my right elbow on the eve of his birthday party.  I was coming home that afternoon to make his birthday cake but instead came home in a sling and suitable anesthetised. I sat at the kitchen bench and directed him as he made his own chocolate birthday cake for his party.  He said it was the best birthday cake ever!!  Over the years as the kids got older they have learnt more cooking skills at home from cooking with me and I have tried to teach them the basics.  As the mum of school age kids I realised that there are many kids that aren’t taught the basics of cooking whilst at home or at school and when the time comes for them to leave home they don’t possess the basic skills to feed themselves and later their families.

Not long ago my teenage daughter wanted to make us dinner with her boyfriend (who had limited skills) and they did a terrific job.  They then wanted to do the same thing for his parents so I gave them the recipe.

There are many websites, blogs and books in the marketplace to assist young people improve their cooking skills but they are often not basic enough – they are often too involved, use too many ingredients that aren’t available & take a lot of time.  My aim is provide tips, ideas & skills for young people and parents of young people ready to leave home that need the very basics and ideas that will assist them to feed themselves, their friends and families on a budget and with time restraints.