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How to poach an egg

1 Nov 2017 3:03 PMJodie Terzis How to poach an egg

An easy and simple way to poach an egg at home!



How do I poach an egg?

Poaching eggs takes practice so there is no need to be discouraged if it takes you a few go’s to get it right.

It helps if you have the right tools for the job:

· Large, shallow saucepan

· Vinegar

· Slotted spoon

· An Appetite

Start by filling your saucepan with cold water until it’s around 7-8 cm deep. Now add a couple of dashes (2 teaspoons) of vinegar.

**Why do we put in the vinegar? – The vinegar helps the egg white stay together when you pour the egg into the water. If the vinegar isn’t there, the egg whites will just float around and not stay in a little ball like you want. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Bring the water to the boil. Reduce to a simmer.

**Why do we reduce to a simmer? – If the water is boiling too hard it will just blast the egg apart!

Crack an egg into a small dish or bowl and slowly tip the egg into the water. Use the bowl to get as close to the water as possible so you don’t just drop it into the water from a height.

(Some suggest to swirl the water in the pan with a spoon to make a whirlpool – I prefer not to but practice both ways and do what suits you)

Repeat with more eggs. Four eggs in the pan is about my limit otherwise they will overcook and you won’t be able to get them out in time.

Cook for 2 – 3 minutes for a soft yolk and 3 – 4 minutes for a harder yolk. Test by lifting the egg out of the water and touching the yolk with you finger – you should be able to tell if it is runny or hard.

**Cook to your liking – not everyone loves runny yolks!!**

Use the slotted spoon to remove the eggs and drain on kitchen paper before serving.

**If there is no slotted spoon in your kitchen cupboard you can also use a spatula/egg slice or a normal spoon if you have to. Just be gentle!!

Serve with your favourite breakfast accompaniments:

· Mashed avocado on toast

· On top of vegemite on toast – my favourite

· With lashings of bacon and fried cherry tomatoes

· Fried beef mince with herbs

· Add – mushrooms, hash browns, fried cabbage, onions,

Remember eggs aren’t only for breakfast – use them for dinner:

· Put on top of fried rice

· Use on burgers, Mmmmm runny egg on a burger!

· Baked eggs with chorizo and tomato

Practice, Practice, Practice – and remember that if they come out a little less than perfect they still taste great!!


Written by: Jodie Terzis